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Top 6 Brands to Buy Long-sleeve Shirts from!

When you want to save yourself from the harsh weather and freezing temperatures, buying long-sleeve shirts becomes necessary. Therefore, you must choose a clothing item that does not burden the pocket while making everything wonderful for you. An option would be to approach a wholesaler and buy tees in bulk. And we have got your back!

Let’s prepare for winter from the get-go! Here are six brands you must buy from to have that much-needed comfort and warmth!

1: Gildan 

Where can you possibly get perfection and the finest quality? Only from Gildan, of course! They are a Canadian brand that is changing the game of blank apparel collection. The company dates back to 1985, when Glenn and Greg Chamandy opened a small knitting mill. Since then, Gildan has taken flight and changed everything in the apparel industry.

If you want quality winter wear or layering clothes, shop from Gildan and choose from a distinct collection!

Our Pick: With a Gildan G840, you will get a complete package!

Founded in: 1984

Headquarters: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Net Worth: $3.02 Billion

2: Next Level

Up next is the Next Level apparel! Their passion for delivering excellence is the driving force that has made them stand on the top. Moreover, the Next Level has a huge community built around inclusivity and appreciates diverse opinions.

In addition, their wide array of clothing collections has made them everyone’s favorite! We guarantee you will find what you are looking for on their website. Therefore, they are the go-to brand for individual sellers and corporations alike!

Our Pick: Next Level 6411 should be your priority as it has also become ours!

Founded in: 2003

Headquarters: Gardena, California, United States

Net Worth: More than $200 Million

3: Hanes

When it comes to manufacturing the finest and clean clothes, nobody can beat Hanes. With them, your business and customer experience will take a new shape! This blank wholesale apparel is giving a tough time to its competitors. 

Look your absolute best with their massive collection of clothes. Moreover, they have pioneer brands such as Champion, Bonds, Barely There, Bali, L’eggs, Just My Size, Wonderbra, Berlei, Maidenform, and Playtex. Overall, Hanes is building a vast network of brands that is leaving its customers fascinated!

Our Pick: Choose Hanes 5286 for a versatile and unique look.

Founded in: 1900 by John Wesley Hanes

Headquarters: Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Net Worth: $3.15 Billion

4: Bella + Canvas

From teenagers to adults, Bella + Canvas is the go-to brand for us all! The brand has easily become the number one apparel business in the USA. Their clothes are made from soft fabric exactly like the Gildan G840, leaves the wearer pleasant and warm!

Bella + Canvas can give you everything from short-sleeves to long ones with a simple click on the screen. Therefore, find perfection and authenticity delivered to your doorstep. You must approach a supplier to get their tees or go to their website to get what you want!

Our Pick: You will get nothing but coziness with a Bella Canvas 3425.

Founded in: 1998

Headquarters: Flotilla St, Los Angeles, California

Net Worth: $210 Million

5: Delta

With Delta apparel, you get nothing but finesse! They are one of the strongest apparel businesses in the US market. If you have any doubts, check out what the customers have to say about them before you build your opinion! Consequently, they are maintaining the brand’s identity efficiently. 

You need to own their products to complete your everyday attire! From high-performance activewear to casual clothes, they have it all. No more should you search far and wide for clothes; you can find them all from Delta.

Our Pick: With a Delta 12640 as your choice, you would not need anything else! 

Founded in: 1999

Headquarters: Greenville, South Carolina

Net Worth: $345.16 Million.

6: Fruit of the Loom

One of the oldest blank wholesale apparel in town! They stood the test of time and persevered. Therefore, if we give the brand credit for setting up foundations for blank clothing, it wouldn’t be wrong!

Fruit of the Loom is still maintaining its quality due to its commitment and everlasting vision. Moreover, the brand stands apart from the remaining emerging blank apparel companies because of its embedded traditions and way of doing business! Therefore, you will not be disappointed when you buy your long-sleeve shirts from them! 

Our Pick: Get a Fruit of the Loom 82300 and stay ahead in the game!

Founded in: 1851 by Robert Knight and Benjamin Knight

Headquarters: Bowling Green, Kentucky

Net Worth: $835 Million

Final Thoughts

You deserve quality apparel that makes everything unique for you. Whether you choose Gildan G800 or Next Level 6411, comfort is guaranteed with them! These brands are bound to leave you satisfied with their impeccable performance. So do not delay and get shopping wisely lest winter approaches soon!

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