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How to View a Friends Wishlist on Steam

If you want to know what your friends are playing on Steam, there’s a way to view their wishlist. It’s an excellent way to discover what games they have an interest in and pick out the perfect gift without any hassle. Plus, you can add games that haven’t been released yet and Steam will notify you when they become available.

How to View a Friends Wishlist on Steam

If your friend has an account on the popular game service, you can access their wishlist from anywhere with just your smartphone or laptop. It’s simple and only takes a few steps!

First, launch Steam and log in if you don’t already have an account. Then tap ‘You & Friends’ to view your friend’s profile and wishlist.

Next, open your friend’s wishlist from your device and search for the game you wish to purchase. When you find it, click ‘Add to Cart’, and your Steam shopping cart will open.

Your cart allows you to enter the name of a friend, select their game price and then select ‘Purchase as Gift’ (greyed-out if they already own the title). Finally, type in a heartfelt message or sentiment before clicking Continue.

Add a ‘Gift Card’ to the cart and make it extra special by including a note. After you’re done, your friend will receive an email receipt with funds for buying games on Steam.

How to View a Friends Steam Wishlist

Logging into your Steam account on your device and then going to the ‘Friends’ screen should automatically appear once logged in; if not, proceed with these steps:

Once on the Friends page, scroll down and tap ‘Games’. This will bring up your friend’s wishlist which can be found in a drop-down menu beneath their icon and online status.

From here, you can filter their wishlist by platform, price, discount or any other relevant information. Additionally, you have the option to sort their list according to Date Added, Top Selling or any other option of your choosing.

A wishlist is a convenient tool that allows users to keep track of the games they want to purchase in the future, making it simple for them to discover when there’s a sale and make an immediate purchase. This helps promote sales and discounts on titles which might otherwise go overlooked.

As a developer, it’s essential to remember that Steam wishlists can be an invaluable asset in your marketing strategies. They help gauge interest in your game before release and indicate which players are eagerly awaiting updates from you.

Promoting players to add your game to their wishlists can be a beneficial strategy, so offer them either a free trial or discounted pricing during sales. Furthermore, Steam may send reminder emails or notifications to users who have added your game to their list.

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