All about healthy Pinni recipe

Pinni is a popular dish that is famous in many Indian states. It is consumed during winter when it helps people to feel warm and comfortable. Pinni can be cooked in many different ways. But, cooking it in a healthy manner will benefit your health appropriately. For decades Pinni has been existing in the kitchen of many people. Its recipe has experienced evolution over time and indeed that has brought new feelings to the taste buds of many. For once a month you can follow healthy Pinni recipe and stay healthy undoubtedly. Pinni has a traditional essence that melts the heart of many till date.

  • Flour type

The type of flour used in healthy Pinni recipe is vital enough to the health of the Pinni consumer. In general times, whole wheat flour is used to make Pinni. However, you can use some other types of flour too for making the Pinni more healthy. You can mix up various types of flours to give the Pinni a healthy essence.  Even though you are applying several types of flours, the taste of the Pinni will remain a genuine one. So, a Pinni can be both healthy as well as tasty at the same time. There are flours like ragi, almond, and oats that you can use in this regard. Due to this, you get to eat a healthy sweet.

  • Size of the Pinni

The size of Pinni is an important thing to be considered. Pinni consists of calories, so as much as Pinni you consume you are consuming the same amount of calories. So, it is better to reduce the size of a Pinni. This allows you to have healthy eating. You can deduct the number of Pinnis you are making. Make small Pinnis and eat them slowly. This will allow you to satisfy your taste buds as well as keep you fit.

  • Jaggery implementation

Sugar can be harmful to health at times. Sugar is usually used in many places but you can use jaggery instead of Pinni. This will keep the glucose level in your body in a proper amount. This is because it provides a lot of benefits to your body indeed. Moreover, it complements other ingredients of Pinni too. As a result, Pinni turns out to be much tastier than usual.  Hence, along with this jaggery implementation, you can add some other sweetening alternatives too and make your Pinni recipe much more enriched.

So, the above points stated that Pinni can be cooked in smart ways to keep your health safe. If you incorporate the above ingredients in a Pinni then that will surely become a remarkable dish indeed. People with a sweet tooth of course love Pinni a lot. If cooked properly Pinni can melt in the mouth just like that. It can satisfy the cravings for sugar in a healthy manner. But, be cautious while having them as they can otherwise lead to weight gain. You can take the above suggestions and create homemade Pinni recipe and enjoy it with your family.

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